Maintenance and Repair

Computer maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair.

e-mail accounts not working, blue screen windows crashes, slow programme response, ¬†printers, scanners that don’t work, system errors ... sound familiar?

LaptopWhatever the cause Romanby Computers will try and resolve it.

Whether it is hardware or software problems, Romanby Computers  treatment is the best treatment.

Romanby Computers can  advise and help in choosing suitable replacement hardware.

In some instances the computer needs to be taken away for repair, any computer that is taken away is returned swiftly and reinstalled for you.

One of the most common laptop problems is a cracked screen on your laptop, we can replace the screens on most laptops.

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Maintenance includes


Important data stored on computers may be copied and archived securely so that, in the event of failure, the data and systems may be reconstructed. When major maintenance such as patching is performed, a backup is recommended as the first step in case the update fails and reversion is required.

Disk maintenance

Disk storage, such as your hard drive, fills up with unwanted files over time. Disk cleanup may be performed as regular maintenance to remove these. Files may become fragmented and so slow the performance of the computer. Disk defragmentation may be performed to combine these fragments and so improve performance.


Dust and other cruft may accumulate as a result of air cooling. If filters are used to prevent this then they will need regular service and changes. If the cooling system is not filtered then regular Computer cleaning may be required to prevent short circuits and overheating.


Operating systems files such as the Windows registry may require maintenance. A utility such as a registry cleaner may be used for this.

Service intervals

Depending on your environment computers should be serviced at least once per quarter, though monthly service is optimal. This will ensure your computers run at their peak performance.

Software updates

Software packages and operating systems may require regular updates to correct software bugs and address security weaknesses. An automated or semi-automated program such as Windows update may be used for this.