Is your computer getting old unable to handle the new Technology?

If you feel that your computer is as obsolete as a worn-out car with 200,000 miles on the mileometer, it might be time for a new machine or a few well-chosen upgrades.

Graphics Card

Worried that you cannot use new graphics?

Want to use a CD re-writer, create your own CDs or just be able to use a digital camera?



Check out our Upgrades below:

PC health check: Windows Optimisation, Virus Check,

Memory Installation

Hard Drive Replacement: Replacement of your existing Hard Drivehard drive, and transfer of system information and settings.

2nd Hard Drive Installation: Installation and full set up of a second hard drive.

PCI Card Installation: Installation of sound, graphics, ADSL, and Firewire cards.

Blu-Ray Player

CD / DVD / BluRay Drive Installation: Installation of CD / DVD drives and re-writers.

Wireless Network: Setting up home network.

Software Installation & Upgrades: Installation and upgrades of all types of software

If this is not suitable for your current PC, advice will be given towards the purchase of a new PC.

Whatever your needs, we are happy to talk you through the options and give clear, impartial advice. We make sure you get what is right for you.

Things to Consider that may help You

Is it too slow?

Does it have reliability problems?

Do you want to play the latest PC games, work with images from your digital camera, or edit video from your camcorder?

If most of your time is spent sending e-mail, surfing the Web, doing household bookkeeping, or even writing the next great American novel, you really don't need the blistering speed and bells and whistles of the latest models.

Those are good reasons to consider an upgrade or new PC purchaseMemory.

If your computer is less than two years old, it's a good candidate for upgrades.

PCs that are three, four, or more years old are simply unable to take advantage of the newest components such as hard drives or graphics cards. The only thing that would be recommended would be additional memory (RAM).