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Useful Information

Scam Phone Calls

People are getting phone calls from people regarding pc errors/Virus on their pc. The caller usually says they are calling from Microsoft; they are not affiliated to Microsoft in anyway. They usual ask if your pc is running slow or has it been freezing, they then take you to the Event Logger where they will ask you if there are any yellow or red entries, which there always is.

Under no circumstance let these people remote control your pc when they say they can fix them and never pay any money to them.

Metropolitan Police" virus

I am getting a number of calls regarding this virus

The virus says that the Met Pol have detected child porn being downloaded to your PC and it will lock your web access and prevent you from doing anything. It claims that payment of a £100 fine will unlock your PC.

Please do not pay this and contact me and I will remove it.


Usefull Sites

Microsoft http://www.microsoft.com/

Adobe http://www.adobe.com/

Java http://www.java.com/

Apple http://www.apple.com/

Norton http://uk.norton.com/

Mcafee http://www.mcafee.com/